March 17, 2020

With all this new time off I was helping my daughter clean out her bedroom…and good thing we have a couple weeks to work on it. As we were sorting I couldn’t help but notice all of the puzzle pieces I kept grabbing, no doubt the symbolism felt thick. So I got quiet and started asking the Lord for a new “peace in this puzzling time.”

One of our roles as beloved sons and daughters is a “manager of the mysteries of God.” (1 Cor.4) I love this phrase so much, but not just as an ideology but a reality. We get to not only hear what God is up to but we get to disperse His heart and mind to those around us. Just two chapters earlier the writer Paul also tells us that we are a lucky bunch to be able to have “the mind of Christ” as His Spirit leads us into all understanding (1 Cor.2). What an important time to be listening to His Spirit and receiving His strategy as we “weigh our ways” over the next few weeks and months.

A piece I believe the Lord gave me or a warning rather, was to be careful to what we are tuning into. The enemy would love nothing more than for us to hear the sound of panic and then move and make decisions in fear, however I hear the Lord saying that alongside this outbreak He’s going to breakout all around us.

The next piece I received was a picture of stage hands setting up a scene for a play. I felt like a stage is being set for Him to move in powerful ways, like there is a pregnant expectation in the audience to see what’s about to happen. Some in the audience seem to be unnerved, some seemed content, and some excited for the curtain to be pulled back. I personally believe it’s going to be a great hour to disperse hope, lend hands to help, and share stories about all God is going to do in our midst.

I pray that this outbreak is marked by breakout as the Lord moves in power. Get ready, the curtain is lifting.

-Strategically positioned, DeAnn Carpenter