August 9, 2019

I grabbed a new journal the other day and as I put my old one to close, the Lord reminded me of the scripture in Isaiah 43. “Review the past for me” other versions will say remind me or put in remembrance. I started thumbing through my pages and was caught by so many words, promises, and other things spoken…my spirit was getting so stirred both by all that God is up to and going to do in the days ahead. I set my journal down and had a strong sense that this wasn’t just a practice for me.

My eyes landed next on scriptures that I believe He was asking the whole body to get ahold of at the beginning of the year. Words of returns and recompense taking place. “See the Lord comes with power, His arm is the one that rules. See His reward is with Him and His recompense accompanies Him.” – Isaiah 40.10 (Syn. for recompense/ restitution, compensate, reimbursement, satisfy.) Promises He’s given us, spoken by our lips as a decree, will turn words into reality and hope into fact as it settles in like concrete under our feet.

As we move forward into a new season where God shares new things with us (“From now on I will tell you of new things, of hidden things not know to you.” Isa. 48:6) I feel it’s so important to look over the things He’s spoken previously and let what He speaks futuristicly hold hands together in harmony. “For what I have said, that will I bring about; what I have planned, that’s what I will do.” (Isa.46.11).

I saw a picture of a map and compass. I feel a lot of the former words given were like us looking at a map, “great…now how do I get there?” The new and next words will be what guides us as we make our way through. If you have no previous words, it’s no problem, we all start somewhere. Get to a quiet place with some essentials: a coffee, journal, bible, and pen. Be expectant, a Father speaks to His kids (John 10:27) and though God is vast He is also kind enough to stoop down and speak to us. He sent His spirit to do that very thing, speak-help-reveal-play, to be a friend. No just with some but with all and not just to speak but to commune. Ask for His filling, His anointing on your hearing and seeing, then do as Habakkuk tells us and take some time to write it down, write it plainly.

“When you write others can run”- Lisa Bevere

The ink is ready, DeAnn Carpenter