March 14, 2019

March 1st I started a new calendar after misplacing my other one, stressed about all that I was missing as I was filling in the days with times and events I heard the Lord whisper “I’m bringing a divine re-ordering in these days and giving new marching orders for this month.” March, how fitting, because this month requires action by name alone and entertains the idea of movement.

“See the winter is past; the rains are over and gone. Flowers are appearing and the season for singing has come.” Though I am staring at the snow as I write that verse, I can sense the Lord issuing a new season for us. One where the old things are dissipating as He calls something new forward. Just like a commander in the military who gives the command of execution from a haulted position to “Forward March,” they issue a whole body/team to go from stillness to advancement. The band then needs to carefully maneuver their steps by restricted movement to maintain a close-order pace of marching to keep in stride with the drill.

What a great reminder for us that to keep in step this season, we must find ourselves in places where we have restricted movement to maintain a pace and a peace that keeps us in stride and aligned with what God has formulated for us. He has forward motion for us, but if we are not leaning into hear what He’s saying that motion could quickly become commotion by all the other thoughts and opinions around us. I believe our marching orders will be directed from the quiet place of the cave where stillness lives and new vision is bestowed in order to “go forward and march” this month. I was inundated with verses as I thought about our marching orders:

“His eyes are on the ways of men, He sees their every step.”-Job 34:21

“He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them His way. All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful.”- Psalm 25:9

“You will go out in joy and be led fourth in peace; the mountains and the hills will burst into song before you, the trees of the field will clap their hands. Instead of the thorn bush the pine tree will grow, instead of the briers the myrtle will flourish.”-Isaiah 55:12

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord directs his steps.” Prov.16:9

I feel such a stirring in this season to let our plans rest with Him as He guides us towards what’s next. It might look extravagantly different than what we expected but as we let our commander re-order our ways and issue us new steps, I think we will be both suprised and delighted by what’s next.

Blessings in the new order…it’s gona be good!