May 23, 2019

Recently I was at an event and musing over the verse in Ecclesiastes again about our heart having wisdom with the proper time and procedure of things (ECC.8:5). I heard the Lord say “it’s time for war.” Eek, I thought to myself…I like the sound of settledness, ease, and reprieve. However, as Ecclesiastes states, “there is a time for everything under Heaven…and now is a time for war” (ECC.3:8). I sensed that some of the things we are in war against will be over ourselves. It’s time to make war against hope that’s been deferred in our life where promises seem to have been delayed or where circumstances have changed the way we are now living. It’s time to make war with any thinking that isn’t congruent with Heaven’s perspective and God’s point of view. We’re to war AGAINST the things that stand in the way of what God has for us this season, and we are warring FOR all that is ours to take. For hearts to wake up, for ears to hear, and for eyes to see.

There is a story in 2 Kings 13 about how the prophet Elisha gives the King a prophetic message before he goes to war, “shoot an arrow and strike the ground.” The King shoots an arrow and then strikes the ground 3 times, but then gets in a fair amount of trouble for not striking it more. It seems unfair to me, Elisha does not state how many times to strike. Is one enough, two, three? If he would have beat the ground 10 or 15 times would that have been to much? I don’t know what the right number is when it comes to pounding, striking, beating, and begging for what we’re asking for, but I do know that God is wanting us to be positioned and ready. I believe He wants our eyes to take aim for things coming in the distance. Arrows represent movement and direction and nobody shoots them without being postured correctly. I believe our stance this season matters for where we’re going, and I’ve never been a fan of whiplash so I’m doing my best to breathe easy, count my steps, and hold with purpose what He puts in my hands.

In the midst of us being “ready for war” I think there are several things we must remember; we don’t do the fighting alone. We can war next to the ones God puts beside us and lean in to the strength that’s next to us, because no battle is usually won by just one. And ultimately our bow is just a weapon, that at the end of the day belongs to God. “For I do not trust in my bow, and my sword does not bring me victory, but YOU give us victory Lord…Rise up and Help us! (Psalm 44)

So aim with purpose as you put your prayers in His hands and let the words you release land in a stable place. Position yourself to see what He’s pointing to, and don’t stop striking to soon… I have a feeling that our promises are close at hand. God is not only calling for war, He’s gathering an army for it too. So let’s stand close and see each other through.

“It is God who arms us with strength and makes our way perfect..He trains our hands for battle, our arms can bend a bow of bronze. He gives us His shield of Victory, His right hand sustains us, He stoops down and makes us great.” (Psalm18:32 and on..)

Getting ready, DeAnn