July 1, 2019

“A word was secretly brought to me, my ears caught a whisper of it. (Job.4:12)

I was on a road trip last week with my cruise control set, music selected, and snacks in hand as I passed by several cars. By the time I passed by the 5th car I saw the familiar words again of “system override” on my dash, but this time I knew instinctively that the Lord was highlighting those words to speak something new to me. My car was letting me know that “the course of action had been interrupted” but as I saw it, I simultaneously heard the gentle whisper saying He was going to “prevail and dominate over the natural order of things.” One of the definitions for override is “to use ones authority to reject or cancel a decision or outcome. I started asking the Lord for more and I felt in my spirit several specific things.

1-He is going to override facts with His Truth. A fact can tell us what is happening, but the truth tells us what IS and what is possible. Fact: When the Israeli spies went to explore the land they were going to have, they saw that giants had taken up residence and fear started to grow. Truth: The land would still be theirs because their enemies had no protection and God was with them. Their eyes saw factual happenings but it opposed what was in Gods heart for them…they saw but they didn’t see. “We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes and we looked the same to them.” (Num.13:33) A generation missed the promise because they didn’t have on the right lens to sort through. One of the things I felt God was going to override would be generational systems and family dynamics, but just like the spies that were sent to explore the new land, we too will have to trust God and have faith for an outcome that doesn’t seem possible with what we might be looking at. Like the Israelites, I also believe that what we choose to look at and agree with will affect the generation after us. (See Numbers 13 and 14 for the full story)

2- I saw a picture in my mind of someone waiting in a doctors office and I felt God was going to bring healing to some regardless of what the “facts” of the report were telling them because “His blood speaks a better word.” No matter what we are seeing, we need to find out what God is saying and then adjust our lens. We have an enemy and real life circumstances that are bringing distractions, dissensions, and other kinds of nonsense that can keep our gaze fixed on “what is” and not “what can be.” I heard Him say that there are many “BUT GOD” moments coming this season. Where one thing is happening or things look a certain way… BUT GOD shows up and does something. (Aren’t we SO thankful for Buts in the Bible?!)

3- After this road trip was over I headed straight into the car wash because the bug guts were no match for me. When I pulled out of the wash I literally said out loud, “it’s so nice to see.” I heard the words right back to me “yes…it’s a NEW DAY. I felt gratitude swell and then leaned into more and felt the Lord say that not only is He “overriding” things in our life but also breaking limits off of us. A limit by nature has a boundary and I felt that one of the things He is doing for us is “breaking the mold or boundary” over our lives. Overriding what we are capable of and giving us a capacity for more.

If I were you, I’d ask God yourself what He has in mind to “override” in your life and where you need limits to be lifted off of you then I’d talk to Him about that too. I’m praying our eyes will see through a more generous lens and our mouths will be telling many “BUT GOD” stories in the days ahead. Protect your eyes friends, it can change how we see.

Looking with purpose, DeAnn Carpenter