January 21, 2021

Twenty-one days into the new year and I’m finally getting around to writing about the new thing God has said. Maybe like me, you have gotten quiet to ask God for a word on your 2021 that would help align your heart and reframe your thinking for all the year holds. If not, I hope you will. I’ve always found it to be surprisingly helpful, even if it ends up being in hindsight.

Corporately I felt like God gave me a picture of a kaleidoscope, and then He confirmed that word by mailing it to my doorstep with a note that read “what do you see?” A kaleidoscope is a tool that changes patters which become visible through a concentrated eye piece. Often times with an endless variety of patters that come into focus as we adjust our scope.

I felt strongly that in 2021 we will have countless “opportunities” to adjust to new patterns in our life. With some concentrated effort, we will begin to see something new emerge in our various situations by adjusting our lens and looking at things from another angle. I know that seems a little vague so let me offer a verse for some perspective. In Mathew 11:17 Jesus said this, “We played the flute for you, but you didn’t dance. We sang a lament, but you didn’t mourn. For John the Baptist came neither eating or drinking but you said he had a demon. The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they said-look, a drunkard.”

Some missed the moment, missed what God was doing in the season because they couldn’t adjust and get a new perspective. I propose that this year will be a time in which we will need to continually realign ourselves with the scope of Gods word so we can see what different patterns are emerging. At times it will take a “concentrated effort” on our parts, but I believe that just like any kid who picks up a kaleidoscope in anticipation, we too will be surprised by what we see taking shape.

May your knees be nimble this season as you adjust to some unexpected things, may your hearts be open as God re-orders some other things, may your eyes be full of focus, and may your spirits be aligned with all that God has in His mind to do in 2021.

Blessings-from someone who has been trying to shift so much I have knee burns. Change isn’t always easy but when Gods in it than we are all the better for it. I think some unexpected blessings are in store as we get close and ask Him to speak. Xo-DeAnn