September 11, 2019

I had a dream the other night and I saw people “waking up” to some things. When I asked the Lord about it I felt led to read in Amos 8. “This is what the sovereign Lord showed me: a basket of ripe fruit. What do you see Amos? A basket of ripe fruit, I answered. Then the Lord said to me, THE TIME IS RIPE FOR MY PEOPLE.”

Ripe can be defined as something being developed to the point of readiness for harvesting. 2- Sufficiently advanced in preparation or aging in order to be used. RIPE= READY

When something is ripe in slang it means “now is the time for action” (says

I felt a lot of rumblings as I began to pray…not because of my breakfast but because I sensed the spirit really leaning me into this word. If Ripe means that something is “ready” and we are to be about action, then I can only imagine the things the Lord wants to open up for us, knowing that we have been prepped, prepared, and now it’s time to go. When a piece of fruit is ripe and isn’t picked it is such a waste. The fruit didn’t give the nutrients or enjoyment it was intended for and eventually gets rotten. (Though I can’t help but think how in time it can still become good fertilizer.) If we correlate that same principal for ourselves, I’d say that if we are the fruit He’s calling on (who we are, what we have, what we carry, what He’s asked of us) then we don’t want to waste time holding off or holding back in giving to others the nutrients they need.

I have a feeling also that because “the time is ripe” there will be people who haven’t previously been open to the things of God, but now may be more ready to hear, accept an invite, or join a study, things of this nature. Furthermore I believe that because God has been developing and preparing us and those around us, it’s important to have a new eye with one another. What some might not have been ready to do or to bring in past seasons is no longer the case, so let’s allow new flavors and styles in others and in ourselves begin to surface. If its truly a ripe time, or a “time for picking” then let’s lean in to God in these days and have an ear to hear how He’s asking us to proceed…with ourselves and our own agendas, with our kids, neighbors and co-workers, and anyone else God may have planted near you in this season!

A lot ahead to unfold, Can’t wait. DeAnn Carpenter