February 5, 2019

Recently I was making a list of “returns” I had to make at the store and I heard the Lord say to me “pay attention to that…I am bringing returns to the Body of Christ in this season.” Returning, reminding, and stirring up all kinds of things that have been dropped or dormant. For me personally, I’ve seen Him bring back promises He’s spoken and physically returning me to places where He has started something sweet in my life. 

 Later while I was praying, I had a specific picture of the little mermaid and her voice being restored and returned back to her through the seashell that held it. I thought of the way Ursula wooed her to get her to make an exchange for her voice because it was the thing that held so much power.

   I believe that was a picture for Gods people, His girls especially. That at this time, He is returning, restoring, and bringing forward the voices of His daughters that will carry His messages with ownership and authority. 

There are all kinds of different ways our voice has been lost or stifled. There have been injustices and intimidation, loss, pain, generational trial, and just plain hard circumstances that have affected how we both carry and move with authority in our voice. I believe God is shedding light in the places of our lives where we have made unnecessary exchanges and compromises, so that “hidden things can be exposed and made known” (Luke 8:17) for the sake of renewal and restoration in our life. 

    Where the enemy has also stolen from us concerning the area of our voice, I saw the Lords hand “giving back” more than what was taken. A bigger platform, an expansion, and a widening of influence where voice has been beaten up, held back, lost, hidden, or stolen. I feel a reminder in His whisper that we won’t have to make a way for ourselves, God will bring the elevating and the turnaround as He sees fit for us. We get to remain tucked into His arms with the confidence that our King brings our platform for us in due season. All week I’ve seen 2:22 on the clock, it makes me think on Isaiah 22:22, “He opens doors no one can shut and closes doors no one can open.”

 Pay attention to the ways He will bring reminders to what He is doing concerning your voice; Sea shells, the number 22, different ways things are being “returned” and so forth. 

     It’s exciting to see how God will elevate His words through His daughters in this season in all kinds of creative ways and also at unexpected times. (Some will be in the grocery store in line and have a word or picture for someone next to them, a truth will arise that needs to be spoken at the school or in a meeting.)  Correction and Encouragement with your kids or co-workers, these simple things aren’t little to God and will make an impact when a lie is being replaced with truth, when we are sowing encouragement instead of deficit.

    I heard the Father say that new nouns and sounds are over us right now, let’s pay attention to what He is saying so we can start releasing what He’s so graciously extending over His people. “The Lord announced the word and great was the company of those who proclaimed it.” Psalm 68:11

Our voice will be the vehicle He uses to awaken these words over others so let’s stay alert and take the time to lean into Him this week. Your voice is needed, and will be needed all the more in the days ahead but staying close to His heart is the key. 

If we make any exchanges or compromises at all this week, let it be our words for His.

 If you feel like your voice is having no affect, be encouraged that Ariel’s story ends well. Her voice is fully returned after her trial, her sweet song is restored, and her inheritance is realized!

With care, DeAnn Carpenter