February 5, 2019

Last week I had a dream and I saw a pile of old glasses. They were all the same kind more or less and the lens of some were cracked, others broken in different areas and they were piled on top of each other. 

I knew God was speaking to the fact that our “old” ways of “seeing” are no longer working for us. Where there has been a famine of vision or a loss of expectation about what we thought God was doing or things have become cloudy, I feel He is extending an invitation for us to put on a new lens and frame our seeing solely from what He is saying and from His perspective. “Hidden and disclosed things are being made known to us,” (Luke 8:17) and we are going to need fresh vision to realize it.

In 1 Kings 18 Elijah could hear the sound of rain coming, although the sky did not give shape to it, he perceived something from far off and remained insistent that his servant continue to check for what he knew was coming, even if it wasn’t yet made visible. The Lord is re-arranging and reorganizing so much in this season which is wonderful, but it is also cause for us to recognize and perceive the new things He is doing in our midst. 

There is an account in the book of John that is stirring within me when it comes to some strategy. It goes as follows;

In John 11:39 Jesus has just removed a “hindrance” for one of His own but there was some resistance in His midst because they couldn’t SEE what He was doing. Jesus responds in verse 40 by saying “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would SEE the glory of God?” 

Step one: Identify what it is we are wanting Jesus to do for us and let Him work accordingly

Step two: ask God diligently to reveal and remove any hindrances from us so that we are freed up to see what’s in our midst and to believe for what He has.

Step three: Jesus closes that account in John 11 by saying “take off the grave clothes and let him go.”

 He speaks a word of release to come out of the old and all Lazarus has to do is come forward. If only it was always that easy!! We too will need a word for what He is saying about our own “coming out” this season.

  • Removal; take away or abolish the unwanted.

 I bet he didn’t keep the grave clothes around after that encounter, for there would be no reason to let the old linger.

If what we have been wearing is no longer fitting for us, let’s be diligent to let God call something new forward. Would you put yourself under the same prayer of Elisha from 2 Kings 6:17 “O Lord, open our eyes so that we would see.”  

*Even though it may seem distant, I can see it forming like the shape of a man’s hand…Blessings, DeAnn