September 22, 2021


Today, Sept.22, is the official last day of Summer. About a week ago I was walking around our lake and heard the Lord start to whisper to me, “summer is over.” I tried at first to act like I couldn’t hear Him and focused my attention on the heat burning my skin, I wasn’t ready to think about big sweaters and chilly days. Thankfully He persisted, “We’re moving out of SUN exposure and into a time of SON exposure. I’ll admit it made me cringe a little but Gods confrontation is always for our restoration, so I leaned in and asked Him to be gentle.

In Daniel 2:22 it says “He reveals the deep and hidden things, He knows what lies in darkness.” This text isn’t only about the things that need pointing out and pruning in our life, but also the things that need to be stirred up. The dreams, hopes, and assignments the await us in the next season.

Exposure by Oxfords definition means to come into contact with something. A revelation that has previously been concealed. An unmasking, unveiling, a display. In photography it means getting the right combination that best reflects the subject at hand. I have a feeling that God is setting us up with “right combination” moments and meetings, so we can see what has been hidden from us.

My encouragement…lean in. Don’t look away, don’t “work it out later.” Talk to the friend, address your attitude, deal with the mindset, make steps toward growth because if it’s pruning He’s after then it only means you will bear more fruit later. If it’s new things and new opportunities in your future that He’s uncovering then walk boldly toward what He wants to give you. You’re probably more gifted than you think, stronger than you believe, have more capacity than you give yourself credit for. He wants to use you, no doubt He’s getting you ready to place you where He wants you so welcome the uncovering at hand.

My prayer is that whatever God has in mind to reveal and expose this season, we each have people around us offering their shoulder or their applause- should we need it. Life is better next people who can see us and clap their hands.

Cheers, DeAnn Carpenter