March 30, 2020

“From the ends of the earth we hear songs…” -Says scripture. We see pictures, we dream dreams, and we catch the whisper. What a season where the distancing is actually making room for more intimacy.

The other night I fell asleep with a phrase the Lord put in my spirit, it played in my heart on repeat like an old record player, “And then arose a company of prophets” (verse from 1 Samuel 10:6). I just listened and felt comforted at what I believed the Lord to be saying, that there would be many who would be called on to share what they are hearing. A few minutes later I saw a picture of people playing a game of sherades, but they were only doing the INTRO. And over and over again the players would one by one get up and motion to their ears and the crowd would say in unison, “sounds like…” and then begin to express what was on the card.

I felt more certain that the Lord would be saying that there are many voices being called to rise this season, voices with different sounds, different expressions, and different things to say. “If there will be a prophet among you, then the Lord will speak to them” (Num.12:6). Thankfully each child of Gods has the same privilege to hear their Father speak (John 10) and I believe we will see a lot more people share their inspired ideas and expressions about what God has in His heart as He instructs them.

People who maybe aren’t looking for a platform and maybe some who are, some people who’d rather share privately but are being asked by God to step forward more publicly, “AND HE (I) Will Fill Their mouths..” (2 Kings.) I believe many hearts and mouths are going to be filled with directives and strategies, along with all kinds of encouragement from a place of sacred inspiration.

Let’s not discount people who seem unlikely candidates, my daughter Ruby is six years old and I could hear her in the bathroom singing a song about “zombies coming back to life.” When I asked her about it she mentioned she saw it in a show a couple of weeks ago but had it in her mind to sing. To sing and say/declare that those who are dead or numb are waking up seems so fitting, I didn’t know the song but as she sung it my spirit latched on and soon it felt like a prayer that we began to sing in unison.

Whatever the SOUND is that God is putting with you, I pray you don’t hold back. The world needs those who carry hope to arise and share, to shine with perspective, and to extend the heart of He who still speaks. So limit distraction, silence the voice of the accuser, and put your brave pants on because now more than ever people are tuning in.

Whatever the measure is that God has given you, pour it out and don’t hold back. No doubt your flavor is both exquisite and unique to the right hearer. We need the expression you have in the heart you carry, you’d be surprised at who’s listening…

Getting closer, DeAnn Carpenter