March 21, 2021

It’s fitting that as spring brings the new to us, we in turn must let go of the old. Just as we clean out our closets from the things that don’t fit and our garages of things we have no use for in a new season, you might find yourself internalizing some of that change for a new chapter. Before God brings the new He usually has us dealing with the now. Now what needs to go? Now what needs to change? Now what is next? What right now is getting in the way of my new?

Isa.43:19 seems to be on everyones lips, or at least my eyes seem to catch it and my heart is registering it. It feels like heaven is holding a megaphone and the words are trickling down with anticipation, “see I AM doing something new. I have already begun. Do you see it? I am making a way in the wild nearness and creating rivers in a wasteland.”

Jobs are changing, friendships are changing, family dynamics are changing, and if you’re feeling a shift too, I think it’s just as God intends. New things (new ideas, new strategies, new hope, new assignments) are springing up as the old things (things that don’t have benefit for what we need now) are being shed. By googles dictionary, the definition of shedding means: to allow something to come off, or to eliminate something. It seems natural on animals but it can be a little more painful on us.

This is manifesting in my life both physically and spiritually, as one is usually an indicator of the other. We are packing up to make a new move as we open a new location for our non-profit (refuge foundation). We bought a new house but had to tear all the old out in order to settle into what suits us. We had to let go of a beloved dog because this new season wasn’t fitting for him (or us) to be together anymore. We’ve welcomed new friendships and new staff while we’ve blessed and let go of other ones as they’ve transitioned and changed. We’ve had an influx of new ideas for a new time in ministry and now we are waiting to see how it will all take shape.

And what I know is this:

1.-God will shed the things off of us that can’t come with us and shedding, just like pruning, will give us more room to flourish.

2.-New means we haven’t seen it yet, haven’t done it before, but just because it’s not tangible doesn’t mean it’s not suitable- so stay open.

3.-God is faithful to get us to where we are suppose to be with the people He needs us next to. What God does is always for our benefit, but if the new is feeling painful, remember that some things just aren’t for “now” but that doesn’t mean that they are gone for good.

I pray that you move lighter into this new season having shed all that God intends. I pray you let go of everything that’s hindering you and keep your palms open to what God wants to give you. I pray the new feels hopeful as it springs up…in the way that flowers come up to sprout, not like a pimple that surfaces with surprise and frustration. No one needs that. Blessings on you as you shed the old and process the new in your life.

In it together-DeAnn C