January 4, 2023

No doubt as 2023 opens, New Year’s resolutions are on our minds. This season though, I have sensed the Lord saying, “that instead of restricting, try more offering.” 

To offer Him something more. 

An offering is defined as a contribution or an act of gratitude. It’s an extension of something we have to extend. I think that in new seasons new offerings are required, that’s evident throughout the Bible. 

Romans 6 says that we should “offer every part of ourself to Him” as an instrument for His using. 

As I pondered that word and wondered what might be mine to give, I realized that the thing I want to become more “resolute” about it 2023, is not what I restrict but what I will extend. 

I felt the Lord prompt me in three key areas to reflect on in this New Year: An offering, an interceding, and a re-arranging.

  1. What’s mine to offer
  2. Who or what will I pray for with great intention 
  3. What do I need to re-arrange (Priorities-goals-disciplines etc.)

Just some food for thought as you posture yourself in a new season. 

I hope this year is full of good things, I hope you pick up your copy of “throwing confetti” and offer your piece to the world, and I hope there are plenty of surprises for that are not yet written down in your new 2023 calendar. Blessings in the NEW year, DeAnn Carpenter

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