June 3, 2019

I wanna start this word with a dream I believe the Lord gave me to encourage us about what He’s up to! (“In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon us and as we slumber in our beds, He may speak in our ears..” Job 33:15)

In the dream I was getting ready to teach and walking up to the platform I stopped to check out my notes, I then caught the title of my teaching: “New alignment for divine assignments” Note: God changing for some who we stand next to this season. After the teaching (in the dream) I walked by a man giving terrible advice to another guy. He was twisting and distorting what the Bible says and it was bringing a great amount of confusion to the listener. I continued and made my way toward the locker room pressing on a door that wouldn’t let me in. I then walked through an archway to get in where I saw others “getting ready.” Some where putting on shin guards and readied in the equipment they needed, others were talking leisurely together while the bathroom stalls were being used, and lastly there were those who stood in front of the mirror to paint black under their eyes as they focused intently on what was coming.

Around 30% of our bible is focused around dreaming and the words in Genesis are still having impact, “do not all interpretations belong to God?” (Gen.40:8) With that in mind, here’s what I felt landed with me after prayer;

First, the note is straightforward, I believe God is realigning His people for assignments He has “pre-paired” for us. He has thought of it before hand and is linking us up with like-minded individuals for the purposes He wants to see accomplished. Like any transition, that will mean that some adjustments need to be made in the letting go and stepping out. Let’s entertain sound advice and Godly wisdom, but let’s also be so careful with what we are giving and receiving from others. Just because we may not understand a persons decision to stay or go, or to start or quit, let’s not extend words that don’t match what’s in Gods heart. His plans may surprise us…both for us and for others. I recall a conversation our Lord had to have with two of His followers around this same theme. “When Peter saw him, He turned to the Lord and asked, what about him? If I want something different for John then what is that to you? You must follow me.” (Acts 21:21-22) Gulp, message received loud and clear. Let’s keep our eyes fixed on what He has for us, our positions will vary and He has gifted us accordingly. The doors we walk through will be purposed. I feel strongly that any doors closing for us in this season are actually divine in nature and Heavens hand reaching down to help us walk towards what He has assigned.

Next, locker rooms are preparation for the work that’s coming. We were all apart of the same team, but our different positions left us with a different kind of focus we needed to be prepared individually so we can bring benefit to the team. ( I will note that this part of the dream is not fun for me to write, as I know in doing so I can already see the things I will have to say “no” to because my schedule and focus won’t always allow me the kind of summer “play” I’d love to have..hold on a second before you rebuke this word completely) I believe the locker room was a picture of us getting ready this summer so we can take our places for what He has coming next. Some are in the “stalls” expelling the things in their life that need to go in a private manner, some get to rally in groups as the excitedly prepare for what’s next, and others need to stay intent on what they’re looking at.

Just as chess pieces are getting moved on the board with strategy in mind, I don’t think that any of us will need to “make a wild guess” about what are next move is. I do believe it will be thought out and make sense…not always easy, but clear. In chess the term is “zugzwang” where there is no other move to be made. In the Bible, the term is Daniel 11:36, “The King will do as He pleases.” So if we’ve bent the knee, then lets move freely because we can trust the One who knows the next play.

Lastly, let’s pay attention to what God might be unfolding in the night hours. Not all the things we dream will provide insight for us, but just as Daniel said, “there is a God in heaven who reveals deep mysteries” so let’s at least ponder what He might be saying.

Staying close, DeAnn Carpenter