August 27, 2019

Ecclesiastes tells us that it’s important we know the proper time and procedure of things, so I’m always leaning in to ask the Lord to help me recognize and get ready for it. Several times last week I walked past the television while the same commercial add played…I’ve always been a quick learner (😛)so by the third time when the announcement came that it was “TIME TO BE A HERO” I asked the Lord if He was saying something. Later that day I walked past a store with capes all over it, then I saw a sign heading that read “calling all advocates.” That’s enough for me to tuck in and take some time to pray so that I might better understand my role in this season. An ad*vo*cate is one who champions, upholds, supports, and protects. They plead the cause for another.

Hero: someone who is admired or idealized for courage, special achievements, or noble qualities. A synonym for being noble is also someone that is brave. That makes sense to me because another working definition for a HERO is a person who would help another in various ways. They’d give strength to someone during a difficulty and go beyond what’s expected to help another. Gulp, get ready because I think the Lord is asking us to take some steps in these days that will require courage from us. Walking through new doors, accepting invitations, doing hard things, starting up things. I think it might be time to get the capes out, not for hiding but for flying.

I sat with this for a minute and saw a picture of someone getting dressed for the day, that made me think of one of the smartest men in the Bible…Paul, who says the things we are “clothed in” are really important. So let’s pull up our advocate pants and be both mindful and prayerful as we look to see who needs our help. Who needs a word, a kind gesture, a lift, a dinner, a hand, or a prayer? Before you count yourself out of the “hero category” let’s remember that God will use anyone at anytime to do anything. He works with our willingness not our gifted-ness, so let’s look to Him to purpose our paths towards those we’re passing by today and not be afraid to fly.

Stepping out, DeAnn Carpenter