July 24, 2019

I sat still during a prayer time with some friends last week and with no agenda we listened for the Lord to speak to us about what was on His heart.

I heard the sound of wedding bells and then heard theses words from a simple song “here comes the bride all dressed in white.” I sat with that and felt two specific things, though I believe He has more to say on the matter, I know for certain that “preparation and anticipation” are the things He has put with me.

If you’ve prepared for your own wedding day or if you’ve had the privilege to stand and rise at a wedding to watch another bride make her way down that very important isle, then you are aware of the building awe and excitement that makes its way to our hearts as we await and expect something grand to take place. I believe that God is calling His body of believers to make “anticipation” a posture toward what He is doing with His bride. He is preparing something so grand for His church as a whole, and what a time to participate and have a seat and celebrate what’s coming.

Like any wedding, there are great preparations made beforehand. I also believe God is at work preparing a bride for a sacred ordeal. The act of preparation can be a lot of work. It can be taxing, time consuming, even overwhelming at times, but we never get to the “event” and think to ourselves, “I wish I would have done less.” If anything, we might say, “I wish I would have enjoyed it more.” White is pure and without blemish, and you can bet that in this time of preparation there will be pruning, even painful moments of letting go, growing up, and doing away with the things that keep us from whole heartedly following after God. This isn’t about perfection but resolution and holding to the things that God is asking of us.

A bride knows who she is committing to, that’s why she can give her love her “yes.” I imagine there will be plenty of times this summer that we will want to turn our own way and do our own thing, but that’s not the vow that we’ve taken when we choose to walk with God. Let’s keep our knees nimble, they bend easier when we do and let’s be willing to exchange whatever is needed in our lives as we ready ourselves for a great and glorious time.

Getting ready, DeAnn Carpenter