April 16, 2020

My daughter and I have been playing a lot of dolls and “house” lately since the lockdown, a constant act of sacrifice every time I hear her start to say, “mom can you….” GAH, I know what’s coming. But I’ve noticed a constant theme with her once we start in, no matter what the story line happens to be with these characters, she will inevitably change the narrative to what’s in her mind. Granted this can be expected from one so strong minded, but after yet another hard to turn down invite, I was just about to make my case and tell her that “THIS TIME WE ARE STICKING TO MY STORY.” However before I could get the words out I sensed the Lord whispering to me, “make room for a new narrative.” I knew He wasn’t just talking about letting Ruby dictate how another birthday party of hers would play out with these dolls, but in fact a more grandeur sense of the season…to let him interrupt our stories with a new plot, a new perspective, or a change in where our story is going.

I thought right away of different accounts the Bible tells; Peter waiting in prison but instead of facing trial his chains fell and he was freed (Acts 12), Saul on his diligent mission in Acts 9 when Jesus interrupts his plans of murder and shows him a new path, David working in the fields in 1 Sam.16 when out of no where the prophet Samuel brings a message about what his future would look like, and how fishermen became preachers and church planters because Jesus interrupted them and they were able to adapt to a new narrative. Maybe one of my favorites though is in 2 Kings 6 when Elisha prays for his servant Elijah’s eyes to be opened and instead of looking at coming defeat he sees victory with new revelation.

In our year 2020 not only is vision and what we see important, but I think what we are listening to and who we let narrate for us this season also matters greatly because guaranteed the news and the good news will have different things to say. It reminds me in Numbers 13 when twelve spies went into the new land to identify what was there, they were told to bring back a report of what awaited them. Ten men said it couldn’t be done and they couldn’t have it because the obstacles were too big, while two remained certain they could surely take and occupy all that God would have for them. The majority reported the bad news and the crowd listened and then bowed to a fearful report. The minority’s voices were dismissed, and yet they remained the only two from that group who would enter and possess the place of promise.

I guess if I can put my finger on what I believe the Spirit might be speaking, it’s that things aren’t always as they seem, that perspective and adaptability seem to be of extreme importance, and that confinement doesn’t always mean a loss of freedom for us. Let’s ready ourselves to hear Him say something we might not be expecting!

Ready for a new narrative, DeAnn Carpenter