February 5, 2020

According to online definitions, a form is defined as “a viable shape of how something distinguishes itself. It’s a particular way in which a thing appears or manifests…a variety of an appearance.” Patterns, profiles, structure, arrangement, category, style, and order are all synonyms of FORM.

I have a strong sense that in these days God is going to be distinguishing Himself to us in a different category or show up in another kind of form than we are use to. If a form is also “a standard or expectation based on past experiences” then I can’t help feel that He is going to change that too. That He will shift our expectations and sift through our standard of Him so that we can both see and experience Him in new ways. What God both reveals and becomes to us will define what He wants to do for us as well as determine what He wants to deposit within us.

In Numbers 12:8, God said that with Moses He could speak plainly to him and not in riddles like others, because he was a man who could see the FORM of the Lord. I’ll admit I don’t know all of what that means, only that it seems to really matter that we have an awareness of Who God wants to be so we can have an idea of what He wants to do.

Psalm 18 starts out by saying that God can be “a strength, a rock, a fortress, a deliverer, a refuge, a shield, and a stronghold.” Many of us also know him to be much different or much more. He can be healer, physician, friend, coach, leader, father, counselor, Mentor, King, lover, Shepherd, provider, chain breaker, and countless other names that hold a depth of experiencial meaning. The Psalm then goes on to say, “The Lord thunders from Heaven and Makes His voice heard.” I’d deduct that a correlation is to be made between who He wants to be and what He wants to say…we’d be wise to make it a practice to be asking! “I will stand as a guard where I am posted, and I will to see what He will speak to me…” (Hab.2:1)

I’ve had to do more adjusting than I’m use to lately, realizing that I need to work on my flexibility, because just like a well choreographed dance between partners that know the moves.. I had an expectation of where He should be while we were spinning. However, I am so thankful for His changing of forms because even though I liked our dance, I’m certainly ready to learn a new one.

I pray God shows up and shows off in greater ways than you can imagine….

“For He is a Sun and a Shield” -DeAnn Carpenter