July 30, 2021

Today I caught my breath after making a move to Wyoming’s back country. I’ve unpacked a house, unpacked defining spiritual lessons for me and our team at refuge, and now I find myself unpacking homeschool curriculum for the days ahead (don’t tell me God isn’t hilarious, I still don’t know if homeschool is one word or two).
So today as I was walking on water, excuse me, walking around the water 😜, I sensed God saying something corporately. A word I’ve walked through and believe in.

“Catch and release” is what I kept hearing Him whisper and as I pondered that word with the Lord I sensed that there are things that have been “caught,” picked up, or reeled in and it’s time for some of those things to be released by us. Things that might have got us through our last season, our last relationship, or just last night. If we keep our old habits on the hook or we keep trying to reel in something that is bent on swimming away, than we will miss a chance to recast and see what else God might bring our way. I’m not a fishing expert, but I can tell you that there is freedom in releasing.

There’s a passage in Luke where Jesus tells some fisherman to put out into “the deep” water and let down their nets to the other side for a catch. They’re not so sure though, they had fished all night and caught nothing. I always think this is funny…unsuccessful and yet reluctant to try some different, how many times have we been there? Thankfully the boys listened to Jesus and they caught so much their nets broke. -Luke 5:4-6
Sometimes God will ask us to release the things we’ve reeled in, maybe even after some consideration and enjoyment-just as a fisherman contemplates what he’s caught. Sometimes He will tell us to go and fish in a new place/ an unexpected place, and at times He will take us out into the deep waters so that new things can be caught, revealed, and admired. Deep can be lonely, deep can be scary, but treasures can’t be found if we are unwilling to hold our breath and take a chance.
So wherever you find yourself fishing this season- may you listen to His instruction. May you release what’s not working on your line so you can receive new opportunity for your next catch. May you fish where He tells you even if it seems unorthodox, and may your boats be so full this season that your only explanation is God.

Good luck-from way out west, DeAnn C.

“And whether you turn to the right or the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, this is the way; walk in it”- Isa. 30:21